Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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Ultimate Latin Dance Championship Latest News

Judjes ULDC Marco

Marco Ferrigno began dancing as a child in his father's footsteps who is a great lover of dance who obtained remarkable results in national and international competitions of Latin dances. Within the Latin Dances comes to represent Italy in Blackbool (UK).

In 2000 Marco entered the world devoted to the Caribbean Salsa and started dancing with the group "Barrio Latino" of Salerno.

He later choreographed for a year the group "New Dance" of Teramo achieving considerable success in several industry events.

In 2006 he joined the group of Juan Matos "Fogarete Dance Project". With this group Marco danced on the most important stages of the Latin circuit in Rome, London, Atlanta, Rio de Janeiro, Hamburg, Turkey, Barcelona, ​​Nice, Brussels, Murcia, and many more.

In January 2007 he decided to embark on his on alone paired with his dance partner Assal Arian, and now are in high demand in the most important of Italy and in the most prestigious events in the sector.

In August 2007 Marco performed in New York along with the master of masters Eddie Torres.

Since October 2006, Marco teaches in Lesmo (MI) in the school "Latin Group" Fabio and Stefania and by September 2007 it is also part of the staff teachers of the school "Latin Gem" in Milan with his dancer Haridian Benavente.

Marcos’ style is more and more personalized by the genius and innovation of Marco and the influences on him. With Haridian they have perfected the classic musical interpretation.

In the last year, just 23 years old, Marco, with his dancer Haridian, has captivated audiences around the world performing on the most prestigious stages in the world: LOS ANGELS, LAS VEGAS, CHICAGO, SAN FRANCISCO, MEXICO, CURACAO, CARACAS, DUBAI, BENIDORM, MADRID, SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA, Porto, Lisbon, Valencia, AMSTERDAM, FRANKFURT, STUTTGART, LONDON, ROMANIA, KOREA, JAPAN, TURKEY, ZURICH, ITALY (in several towns), and many others!

Now Marco has partnered with the ever so talented Karel Flores where they are taking the Salsa world by storm as one of the hottest new Salsa couples in the world. In high demand Marco and Karel are sharing their innovative style with the world one continent at a time.



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