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Frankie Morales

Efraín “Frankie” Morales is an artist who has perfected his art throughout his career. This recording is testimony. This talented vocalist has honed and shaped his sound for most of his life, starting on the streets of "El Barrio" with New York City's Spanish Quartet and culminating on the world stage.


Herman Olivera

Herman Olivera, whose real name is Hermenegildo Olivera Suárez, is an American singer and songwriter of Puerto Rican descent. He was born in Newark, New Jersey, United States, on January 20, 1959. He has been recognized for his recordings "Increíble", "Ahora", "El avión de la salsa", "Que siga la rumba", "Guasábara" , "El ritmo lleó" and "Salsa mu", among others.

Karlos Rose

Carlos De La Rosa better known by his stage name Karlos Rosé is a Dominican Bachata music artist.He began his career as a singer on the Dominican television program Divertido con Jochy when he was seventeen years old. In 2012, he released his debut single "Just the Way You Are", a bachata music cover of Bruno Mars's song which reached number one on the Billboard Tropical Songs.In 2013, his second single "Infiel", which was originally performed by Colombian music group Daniel Calderon y Los Gigantes, also reached number one on the Tropical Songs chart.In the same year, he collaborated with American pianist Arthur Hanlon to perform a cover of The Jackson 5's song "I'll Be There". It reached number four on the Tropical Songs chart.


Antonio Bliss

From Los Angeles &

Creator of Saxchata! 

Listen him on Spotify

J Salez

J Salez (Juan Ricardo Chavez) was born and raised in Corona, California. Both his parents were regional Mariachi artists in their hometown Jalisco Mexico, so J grew up singing mariachi since the early age of 5 alongside his father Ricardo Robledo and mother Yolanda Maria.

At the age of 18, J left home.

After many years of ‘searching’ and trying to discover what his passion was, J started to dive back into music in 2019. Because of his active dancing career, J fell in love with Latin music all over again. He was surrounded by Latin music daily. He loves all music, but Reggaeton and R&B music inspired him to release his own song “Señorita” in 2020 and “Distraction” in 2021.

As an independent artist, J Salez has reached over 100,000 streams and 300,000 views on Youtube through his music in only a short amount of time. His unique style of music and dance will inspire the world, making him one of the biggest Latin-American artists of all time.



Get to know our DJS set, prepared to offer the best music for you

Dj Magico

Head DJ of Las Vegas Super Congress.

23 years of experience, born in El Salvador,

actually lives in Los Angeles.
He started as a Dj in 2000, his first club was at the Montecristo

DJ of all kinds of night club music, then he started playing in all night clubs like the Mayan, Salsa Club in Los Ángeles, Shark,

Papa´s, Granada, Quiet Canyon, Florentine Garden and many more.



Dj Bloods

DJ with 21 years of experience, the last 12 years being a Salsa DJ, he belongs to the collective "La Mafia del Vinilo" that is characterized by playing with Records, he has performed in various cities in Mexico and the United States.

He has had the opportunity to play in the best socials in Mexico and in international congresses such as Houston Salsa Congress, Los Angeles Unified On2 Congress, Las Vegas Super Congress. He is currently the Resident DJ of Échale Salsita Salsa Social in Mexico City, Austin, Texas and Frankfurt, Germany

Dj Muñeco

DJ Muñeco Caliente is a talented salsa and bachata music DJ with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. With a wide variety of skills and a great passion for music, DJ Muñeco Caliente has participated in national and international conferences and has been recognized as one of the best salsa and bachata DJs in Mexico.

Since his inception on the music scene, he has been known for creating a unique and exciting experience for his audience. With his love for music, DJ Muñeco Caliente is a highly respected and sought after DJ around the world.

Gerardo Ramírez
52 5537051409 |


Dj Zonik

Dj Zonik

Dj Vince

DJ Invinceable, also known as Vincent, is a renowned DJ in the world of Bachata & Salsa. With his unique style and passion for music, he has become a household name in the West Coast dance scene and has amassed a huge following of loyal fans


Dj Icon

DJ Icon, originally from Mexico but raised in Texas, started his Salsa dancing journey in 2004 in Dallas. In 2007, he began promoting in the Latin Dance community and hosted the first Dance Social in North Texas. He is currently a co-founder of Echale Salsita & Bachata Socials with locations in Austin Texas, Mexico City, Frankfurt, Houston, and plans to expand to more locations worldwide. As a DJ, he has played in various events such as the Las Vegas Super Congress, San Diego Salsa Congress, Houston Salsa Congress, and Mambolee Monterrey. Before Salsa, DJ Icon was a former Graffiti artist whose works were featured in New York, Korea, Hollywood, and other parts of the USA. He also hosted Hip-Hop parties and worked with major headliners in the Hip-Hop community.

Dj Rumbero

Luis El Rumbero born in Panama 🇵🇦 Currently live in Los Angeles CA with a long career worldwide both in my homeland Panama, Mexico and the USA in the world of entertainment as a DJ and as a Radio host, worked in different world-class stations Participed in different platforms such as Radio La Tropical, Tropicalisima Radio and also Salsa Max Radio as a Dj participated in different Clubs and Ballrooms with a long history, it has always been a pleasure for he makes people enjoy and let them have a good time, a spectacular moment and "Que Siga La Rumba"


Dj Suavebeats

DJ SuaveBeats is a professional who expertly matches songs with the musical tastes of the crowd. Born and raised in Cayey, Puerto Rico, he discovered his passion for Latin music early on, heavily influenced by Bomba and Plena rhythms. He's been a trailblazer in the Bachata DJ scene since 2009 and has toured extensively across the US, including hotspots like Miami, Las Vegas, and New York, performing at weddings, clubs, and festivals. His passion for his craft ensures a great party for guests.

Dj Trey-Z

DJ Trey Z has been spinning tracks since 2014. He started playing bachata at Salsa Chocolate, and his love for music has only grown since then. As an avid music collector, he has spent countless hours curating an extensive collection of tracks spanning multiple genres and eras.

His sets are all about creating a dynamic and diverse sound that keeps the crowd moving.


He is always pushing his boundaries to bring new and exciting sounds to his sets.

For him, DJing is all about creating an atmosphere that allows people to let loose and have fun. When he sees people dancing and having a good time, it's the best feeling in the world.


Dj Jerry

At 13, he fell in love with music influenced by Cóndor, Changa, Caribali, and more. He built a vinyl collection discovering figures like Willie Rosario and El Gran Combo, and played in venues across Mexico City and State of Mexico. He programmed music for major events like the Acapulco Salsa Bachata Congress and won the vinyl battle competition at the Las Vegas Salsa Bachata Super Congress in 2019. He hosts a successful radio program on Salsa México and became the first two-time champion at the 2022 Las Vegas Salsa Bachata Super Congress.

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