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📢 Attention, all attendees! 📢

For the safety and security of everyone at the event, we kindly inform you that it will not be possible to enter with closed bags or backpacks. 🔒🎒

But don't worry, we've got you covered! 😊✨

To ensure a smooth and secure experience for everyone, we will have personalized transparent backpacks available for purchase during the event. These backpacks will feature the official Las Vegas Super Congress logo, allowing you to carry your belongings while complying with the necessary security measures. 🎒🔍

Not only will these transparent backpacks keep your items safe, but they'll also serve as a stylish accessory, showcasing your support for this incredible event. 💼💫

So, leave your closed bags at home and grab your very own personalized Las Vegas Super Congress transparent backpack on-site! It's a practical and fashionable solution that guarantees your peace of mind while enjoying the festivities. 💼🌟

Thank you for understanding and cooperating with us to create a safe environment for everyone involved. We appreciate your support and can't wait to see you rocking your transparent backpacks at Las Vegas Super Congress! 🙌🎉

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