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Rules and Definitions for Competition 


An amateur level of competition. Amateurs may not compete in Rising Star Professional, or Professional  level competition, or as the Professional in a Pro-Am competition. 

Amateur level dancers may teach and receive payment for teaching or performing. 

Amateur Intermediate Showcase: 

Amateur Intermediate Showcase is an entry level amateur division.  Should a dancer win Amateur  Intermediate Showcase 3 times in a dance style with a minimum of 3 competitors, they will no longer be  permitted to compete in Amateur Intermediate Showcase in that style in the future.  Intermediate  dancers can challenge Amateur Advanced Showcase as many times as they want, but if an Amateur  Intermediate dancer wins the Amateur Advanced division with a minimum of 3 competitors, and/or  makes the final with a minimum of 8 couples, they will no longer be permitted to compete in Amateur  Intermediate Showcase in that style. 

Amateur Advanced Showcase: 

An advanced amateur level of showcase competition. There are no limits to how many times a dancer  can win Amateur Advanced Showcase. 

Rising Star Professional: 

Rising Star is an entry level professional division. Once a dancer competes as a Rising Star Professional,  they can no longer compete as an amateur. Rising Star Professional dancers may partner an amateur in  the Pro-Am divisions. Rising Star Professionals may also compete in the Professional division. Should a  Rising Star professional win 3 competitions in a dance style with a minimum for 3 competitors, and/or  make the final with a minimum of 8 competitors, they will not be permitted to compete in Rising Star in  that style in the future. 

If a dancer wins Rising Star at an event in a style with a minimum of 3 competitors, they may not  compete in Rising Star again at the specific event, in that specific style. 


Once a dancer competes as a Professional, they can no longer compete as an amateur. Professional  dancers may partner with an amateur in the Pro-Am divisions.  


A competition division which is open to all levels, ages, and styles unless otherwise specified in the  division title. 

Pro-Am Ladies: 

A professional dancer dancing with an amateur lady, only the amateur is judged.

Pro-Am Men: 

A professional dancer dancing with an amateur man, only the amateur is judged. 

Showcase Divisions:   

Defined as a category whereby the partnership, solo dancer, or team showcases choreography, and  dances to the music of their choice.  

Heat (or just dance) Divisions:   

A category where all dancers dance together on the stage or floor to music that is selected by the  organization or deejay. Heats generally last 1- 1.5 minutes. This is a lead/follow division, rather than  choreographed, designed to show the ability to connect with one's partner and display timing,  musicality and creativity to whatever music is played. No lifts are permitted.  


A competition of 1 dancer. 

Same Gender:  

Dancers of the same gender 

Shines Showcase:  

Shine categories may include tricks but may not include lead and follow patterns. 


May include lifts, tricks, and must include at least 50% recognizable dance (example 50% Salsa dance in  Salsa Cabaret)  


Must include 80% recognizable dance for that style (example 80% Salsa in a Salsa showcase division).  Both dancers should maintain a connection with the floor with a part of their body if assisted. Dancers  who exceed the above requirements in Non-Cabaret divisions will have a penalty applied to their score  of 10% of their overall score. 

Showcase division which do not state Cabaret, Non-Cabaret, On1 or On2:  

Lifts and tricks are permitted, but not mandatory.  


3 or more dancers

17 and under:  

All dancers must be 17 years of age or under on the day of the competition to compete in this division.


Over 40:  

All dancers must be 40 years of age or older on the day of the competition to compete in this division. 

Showcase Music:  

May be no less than 1.5 minutes and no more than 2.5 minutes long. Teams between 1.5 minutes and 3  minutes. This includes optional entrance and/or exit music.  Dancers will have no more than 20 seconds  to get into place for performance.  Any choreography prior to the beginning of the music will be counted  

toward the overall timing of the performance.  Likewise, dancers will have a maximum of 20 seconds at the conclusion of the performance to exit the floor. 

Props are not allowed in showcase divisions. 

Mega Team: 

- Description- This is a new division never before seen in the Salsa world. This division must be a  minimum of 60% Salsa moves and can be a fusion of 40% of any other genre of dancing. The  music is open to whatever the competitor choices. We want your creativity in this division.  Think transitions, music changes, be more creative than you’ve ever been before, and push the  limits. We want you to embrace out of the box thinking without losing the core of salsa. Each  mind interprets salsa differently; let us see inside your mind. 

- Participants - There must be a minimum of 12 dancers and there is no limit with the amount of  dancers that can be on stage. Dancers can include: Professionals and Amateurs. Age: 12 &  Over. 

- Time - This routine must be a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 5:30 minutes. 

- Limits - There are no limits in this division. You may use props, tricks, as many people as you can  fit on stage, music changes, and more. 

- Scoring - You will be judged on technique, synchronization, timing, costumes, musicality, and  your ability to be as creative as possible. Your ability to be creative and have a fusion will be  important. Originality is also extremely important. We want to see something new and  innovative not a watered down version of someone else’s style.


Beginner and Pre-Intermediate level heats:  

Dancers should not exceed 1.5 turns   


Costumes are not required but are highly recommended. All costumes should be in good taste 

Judging Criteria for Showcases: 

Timing 20% 

Musicality 15% 

Technique 15% 

Difficulty 15% 

Connection 15% 

Choreography 10% 

Presentation 10%

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