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📢 Attention, all attendees! 📢

For your safety and security, we kindly request that you do not bring closed bags or backpacks to the event. 🚫🎒

But don't worry, we've got you covered! During the social nights, we will have personalized transparent backpacks available for purchase. These backpacks will feature the official event logo, adding a stylish touch to your dance experience! 💃💼

Please note that this policy is only applicable to the social nights. During performances and the ULDC, you are welcome to bring your own bags and backpacks as usual. 👜🎶

We understand the importance of keeping everyone safe and ensuring a smooth and enjoyable event for all. By adhering to this policy, we can maintain a secure environment while still allowing you to carry your essentials in style. 🛡️✨

However, if you already have a transparent backpack that meets the requirements, feel free to bring it along! Our main goal is to promote safety while allowing you to have an incredible time at Las Vegas Super Congress. 💫🙌

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Let's make this event an unforgettable experience filled with music, dance, and positive vibes! 🎉💃

#LVSC2024 #SafetyFirst #TransparentBackpacks #DanceInStyle #UnforgettableExperience

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