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Yami Dance Shoes

Discover Yami Dance Shoes, designed for unmatched comfort and support. With extra padding and steady heels, these hypoallergenic microfiber shoes are easy to clean and resist sweat. The lightweight thermoplastic rubber soles ensure agility and durability. Hand-made and backed by a 180-day guarantee, they feature unique padding under the balls and heels to absorb shock and relieve pain. If they don't fit perfectly, return them for a free size exchange. Packed and shipped within 48 hours, Yami Dance Shoes are created by dancers, for dancers.

 Mi Cuerpo Body Suits

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Mi Cuerpo Dance Fashion combines fitness and fashion for every woman, celebrating all shapes and sizes. Their inclusive, stylish, and comfortable designs boost confidence and express unique styles. Offering high-quality activewear and everyday pieces, Mi Cuerpo Dance Fashion ensures every woman feels beautiful and empowered. Discover the perfect blend of fitness and fashion with Mi Cuerpo Dance Fashion today!


⁠Standing O cosmetics

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Standing O Cosmetics offers high-performing makeup designed specifically for performers. Celebrating the talent and skill behind the makeup, their products enhance and elevate every performance. With a focus on durability, vibrant colors, and flawless finishes, Standing O Cosmetics ensures that performers always look their best under any condition. Experience makeup that works as hard as you do with Standing O Cosmetics, and let your true talent shine through.

⁠Pro Image make up and hair

Professional Ballroom Hair & MakeUp provides top-tier styling services for ballroom dancers. Specializing in creating elegant and durable looks, their team ensures that dancers shine on the floor with confidence and grace. Combining expertise in both hair and makeup, they tailor each style to complement the dancer's costume and performance. With Professional Ballroom Hair & MakeUp, dancers can focus on their moves while looking their absolute best.


Reset IV

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Reset IV is the leading on-demand mobile IV therapy service in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and South Florida. Delivering essential vitamins and nutrients directly to your body, their treatments include basic hydration with vitamins, immune defense, and NAD+. Intravenous hydration therapy provides fluid, nutrients, and medication directly into your bloodstream, effectively addressing symptoms like nausea, pain, diarrhea, and migraines, as well as hangovers and more. Their IV nutrition packages boost vitamin and mineral levels, support

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